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Group Event Venues for Squam Lake Weddings, Conferences, Meetings & More

Explore venues for Squam Lake weddings, meetings, conferences and other group event venues.

Squam Lake Events & Conference Planning

Planning a meeting or event in the Squam Lakes Area? This page is designed to help you find the businesses that can cater to your needs when bringing a group to the area. From small business meetings to group conferences, our businesses are here to make your event successful. Click on the links above to locate the facilities and businesses that can accommodate your group meeting or conference.

Squam Lake Weddings

We are so glad that you are thinking about having your celebration in the Squam Lakes Area.  Squam Lake weddings are growing increasingly popular as more brides-to-be and wedding planners discover our charming location in scenic central New Hampshire. Whether you choose to hold your ceremony on Church Island on Squam Lake or in one of the charming inns of the area, it will certainly be a day to remember. To help you plan your special day, we have developed this Squam Lake weddings page page to assist you with your making arrangements.

We have compiled some important information from the State of New Hampshire regarding the requirements for getting married in our state. Click here to view.